Monday, December 1, 2014

DECEMBER en plein aire schedule

Aloha Artists, Aloha December 2014...
  So I guess this is my last post in this blog.. I just figured it out as I was opening it.  Leslie has decided to only post the schedule to her website. To view the schedule visit:

(I recommend bookmarking it~) 

  I hope that 2015 offers many outstanding and wonderful art adventures to you and your fellow
painters. I suppose that a good way to find painters is to go to the Keaukaha area and look for easels.
I saw some there last Friday.    I will keep the blog open, so if you'd like to contact me, you can reach
me through the email address that is attached to it.           A hui hou, Thanks for reading my blog,
it's been a very rewarding experience for me to write it. It's so cool how many artists hooked up to  follow! I am inspired and grateful.       xo AM         

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Aloha Artists, Aloha November

November is the beginning of whale season.. so if we're lucky we'll see a few this month.
It's always a treat to see them, but since they're just starting to come into Hawai'i, it's rather
rare to see them this early in the season. Never the less it really makes the day wonderful
to see these enormous creatures slapping, jumping and spouting just off shore from a painting zone.

NOVEMBER SCHEDULE- Every Thursday. Used to be morning till evening, but if you want to
paint with the group.. try the afternoon, it's seems most of the painters are an afternoon crowd. 
If you just want to paint,  then go early and make it a full day. The group will roll in after noon.

5-WAI'ULI BEACH PARK- Hilo, Keaukaha. From Hilo, take Kalaniana'ole Ave to Wai'uli Beach Park. It is just before Richardson's beach park. Fabulous views in each direction. Plenty of places to paint from and there's pavilions too. Bathrooms, and running water.
13-PARADISE PARK CLIFFS- Puna. From Hilo, Take the Keaau-Pahoa By Pass Route- to Paradise Dr. Turn Left (makai)Drive to Beach Rd. turn right, drive till it stops. Rugged cliffs/ocean
20- PHYLLIS CULLEN'S HOUSE- Hamakua. From Hilo, drive N. on Hamakua Hwy .4 mile past 20 mile marker.  On the right you'll see a crooked stop sign, turn right & you'll see 3 driveways. Take the middle one between 2 palms. Wonderful views.. Bring pupus. Mahalo Nui Phyllis!

p.s. Starting this month,  Leslie Sears will not be sending out an artist email blast. Interested artists are directed to her website :   to view the schedule, or you can still read this.. I will post it here every month as soon as I see it on her site.  The PAAOHI blog graph shows that artists are still reading! Thanks!  

Thursday, October 2, 2014


OCTOBER- UPDATE: Hilo PAPOH Paint Out is cancelled. All PAPOH Dates you see in the below schedule are null and void. However- ALL PAAOHI sites (the usual EVERY THURSDAY) are still on .... sheesh.. this is getting confusing!
 Aloha Artists! Aloha October ...
   Here's the schedule below. Finally the trades have returned! But that can also mean windward and mauka showers.. a blessing and a challenge for painting- but overall a very wonderful thing.

2- WAI'ULI BEACH PARK- Hilo, Keaukaha- Drive down Kalaniana'ole Ave. .. just before Richardson's Beach Park on the makai side you'll see Wai'uli Beach Park.. 5 round pavilions in
a row, bathrooms and water, and swimming too..
9-KING'S LANDING- Hilo, Keaukaha- At the very end of Kalaniana'ole Ave. Keep going past the yellow gates (open), and head towards the end of the road.. we're tucked under the shoreline trees... gorgeous location. No Facilities.

16-(PAPOH) REED'S BAY- 9am till whenever- Hilo, On Banyan Dr. near Ponds restaurant. Calm waters with pretty coastal trees and moored boats. Winding paths, and nice views. Port a lua available. Bring your own water.
17-cancelled FRIDAY (PAPOH) SMALL BOAT HARBOR- - 9am- by old Ironworks Bldg. Mauka side of Suisan bridge. From Kamehameha Ave turn onto Manono (mauka) and then turn in at the boat landing, the first right. Plenty parking, big trees, park area, boats, picturesque rusty buildings..
18-cancelled SATURDAY- (PAPOH) 9am Corners of Kapiolani and Haili St.  Old buildings, houses, storefronts, church, view of Hilo. Could be hot, bring an umbrella- or rainy, bring an umbrella. Morning session only.. 12:30 lunch at Pineapples- then off to an afternoon session. Afternoon painting session at Mo'oheau Band Stand at the bottom of Mamo St on Kamehameha Ave . 
19-cancelled SUNDAY- (PAPOH) WAI'ULI BEACH PARK- 9am- Great views, coverage from trees and pavilions. Bathrooms and water and swimming too...
23-Prince Kuhio Kalaniana'ole Beach Park- Hilo- just off of Kalaniana'ole Ave. Left turn as your heading down the coast road.. a small beach park with the opposing view from Reeds Bay. Lovely and sweet- nice big shade trees. Tidal pools, and boats. Bring your bug spray.  Lua, and water.
30- ISSAC HALE BEACH PARK, POHOIKI, Puna- A drive through Pahoa, take the Mango lined road to the ocean. Issac Hale Beach Park is the large beach park with the small pavilions and nice pathways. Great wave action.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Aloha September, Aloha Artists!

 September is often extra warm, and also- due to the hurricane action in the Pacific, sometimes
humid.  On the upside, schools are now back in session, and the beach parks are less busy.
As always, early mornings and late afternoons will always provide the best light, so there's that
to keep in mind.  Below is the painting schedule designed by Leslie Sears.
Have a wonderful month!

SEPTEMBER SCHEDULE- every Thursday, start when you can, & paint till can't hold your brush any longer-
4- WAI'ULI BEACH PARK-Keaukaha, Hilo. From Hilo take Kalaniana'ole Ave almost to 
Richardson's Beach Park. Wai'uli is just before it. Large parking area, 5 pavilions, bathrooms, 
running water. Lavish long views, beautiful ocean tide pools, wave action, across the bay views
of Mauna Kea, and the Hamakua Coastline.  Fresh water available, & bathrooms.
11-HAKALAU BEACH PARK- Hamakua- From Hilo- take the Hamakua Coast Hwy, just after Honomu turn off take the next turn off on the makai side, Old Mamalahoa Hwy. The road will wind around past an old postoffice/movie house, past a little neighborhood, and down the valley road. At the bottom you will have to drive through a small stream. Don't go through it if it's more than your car can handle. There's plenty of painting where you first are. However, most of the painters will probably be on the other side.  Great valley views, churning river, feisty waves crashing on the shore,  etc. No potable water, only port-a- lua.
18-THE ISLES- Hilo- Just Makai of Liliuokalani Park. From Suisan Bridge, Turn makai onto Lihiwai Rd,  drive past Suisan Fish Market, and Hilo Bay Cafe. When you cannot drive further, turn into the makai parking lot, behind Hilo Bay Cafe. Painters are usually on the left side of the parking area. Shady trees, Great views of Hilo Bay, & especially the canoe halau.
Port-a-lua, no available water.
25-4 MILE - Keauakaha, James Kealoha Beach Park, (before Carlsmith) We'll be sitting under a tree or two. Great views of Carlsmith, and Keaukaha coast & tidal pools.  Bring your own boom box.
All Pau.   Show up. Paint.  xo AM

Saturday, August 23, 2014

August Schedule

Sorry Everyone!! I will post for September!
There's an update for August 28th-- the last session of the month is scheduled for AlaHeiau- in Puna- HPP---
However it has been changed to the cliffs on Beach Road in HPP- take Paradise Drive to Beach rd.
Turn right towards Makuu- drive down til you see the group- nestled in the trees or perched on a cliff. This is due to the havoc wreaked by tropical storm Iselle- our sweet Ala Heiau experienced a large loss of trees- and they are all over the place- another time- w/ aloha, Amy

Friday, June 27, 2014

JULY SCHEDULE/en plein aire

ALOHA ARTISTS, ALOHA JULY!  Well, it's summertime, or as its experienced here in Hawaii Nei, the dry season.. less rain, longer days, stronger sunlight, humidity .... I always miss the rain. But don't let July surprise you with it's random trade wind showers, they can be significant... Anyhow, I hope your 4th of July Holiday is mellow,  fun and filled with color!

Here's our schedule:

JULY- Every Thursday, from whenever you want to show up til whenever your done painting- 

3-WAI'ULI BEACH PARK- Keaukaha, Hilo, the beach park just before Richardson's.
10-COCONUT ISLAND- Banyan Drive, Hilo- the island just off of Liliuokalani Park.
17-LAUPAHOEHOE BEACH PARK -Laupahoehoe, At the Point.. nice park, lovely views.
24-BABY BEACH- Keaukaha, Hilo- Keokea Point- by Arnott's Lodge-
31- NO SCHEDULE-  Paint where you like, everyone else is in a workshop

pau..   make art!

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Aloha June, Aloha Artists!   Painting en plein aire is a wonderful challenge, one of the most important aspects is that your studio is the great outdoors..... no matter what the sky is doing, the lighting is beautiful. The trades are back again, and with them is the rain.. it's always a give take when it comes to conditions...  Anyhow, on with the schedule. It is created by Leslie Sears, I post it to this site to assist the process. Hopefully some of you readers will be able to make it to the locations at least once or twice this June...   :)

SCHEDULE-   every Thursday, start anytime, end anytime- bring your own supplies... 
                                     sometimes you may need to bring water, and have restroom concerns well thought out..... 

5- WAI'ULI- once known as Leleiwi, it's in Keaukaha just before Richardson's Beach Park.  Covered pavilions, wonderful views, water, and bathrooms...
12-HAKALAU BEACH PARK- Hamakua, From Hilo- take hwy.19 to Hakalau, it's the first Makai road north of Honomu. Take Old Mamalahoa Hwy to the valley bottom. Water not for drinking, and Lua are not the flush kind.
19- LESLIE'S FARM.. "13 Mile Farm", Kurtistown.. From Hilo, take Volcano Hwy. turn Mauka (right) at Huina Road, just across from J.Hara Store in Kurtistown.  Approx. 1Mile up turn right on Momona St., you will see "Plant It Hawaii". Keep going until the road makes a T, turn left (mauka), next turn is on the First Driveway-it's long with a white house at the end. There will be a gathering after painting, so bring something to share if you can.... 
26-MACKENZIE STATE PARK- Puna, Red Road.  From Pahoa, take the Pahoa-Kapoho Road (hwy 132). The road will fork, -go straight (mostly) onto the Pahoa-Pohoiki Road. Just before you get to Pohoiki Beach Park you'll come to a stop sign, turn right onto Hwy 137 (Kapoho-Kalapana Road), aka "Red Road"(used to be paved with Red Cinder). Follow down until you see the sign for Mackenzie Beach Park on the makai side (approx. 2miles down).  Turn left there, look for the group, or just set up....... wonderful vistas....